New River Literary Ltd adopts Bradbury Phillips’ Rights Manager

In June this year Li Kangqin set up London-based independent literary agency, New River Literary Ltd, to specialise in representing foreign rights to authors from Asia and to act as co-agent for UK and European publishers and agents in the Asian market. (Before this she worked as senior acquisition editor and rights manager at Shanghai 99 Readers’ Culture as well as being reader of, and advisor on, Chinese language books for MacLehose Press and Granta Books from 2010 to 2018.)

Recognising the importance of having robust systems in place to support the business from Day 1, she reviewed the market and we are delighted to say she has elected to use Bradbury Phillips’ Rights Manager. Its integrated pre-sales, contracts and incoming royalties system is easy to learn and intuitive to use and will provide a strong underpinning for the company as it grows.

We wish Li every success in her new venture.