Sample screens

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1.0 Main Database

1. Main Database Screen

The database can be searched by Title, Author, Purchaser, ISBN, Proprietor, Division, Imprint and Series.

(by Licensee is available with the Permissions module).

2.1 Titles Details 1

2. Titles Data Entry Screens

These 3 screens show the information that can be entered about the title (head contract)

2.2 Titles Details 2


2.3 Rights & Categories

The rights available and not available for the Title are held including author share, author approval required and rights holder.

The system alerts the user to this information when adding submissions and contracts.

3.1 Purchaser Details 1

3. Purchaser and Contacts Data Entry Screens

The following 3 screens show the information that can be entered about the purchasers and contacts.

An unlimited numbers of contacts (editors) can be held per purchaser.

3.2 Purchaser Details 2

The default royalty accounting dates and royalty terms are held.
These are copied to each contract for this purchaser and the System chases for overdue incoming royalties.

There is a choice to invoice advances and payments for a purchaser.
An unlimited number of categories can be held per purchaser.

3.3 Contacts

An unlimited number of categories can be held per contact.
This can be used as a Contact Management Database.

4.0 Title Activity Screen

4. Title Activity Screen

This is where information about interest, submissions and options is entered.

5.1 Contracts Details 1

5. Contract Data Entry Screens

A deal memo can be printed or exported for a contract.
This details the main features of the contract.

5.2 Contracts Details 2

Each contract has its own royalty accounting dates and the System will chase for overdue incoming royalties.

5.3 Contract Titles


5.4 Payments

The advances and/or payments due for a contract are held.
Each advance/payment can be invoiced.

This screen also holds details of diary events or co-edition dates for the contract.

5.5 Payments individual screen

Advances/payments can be invoiced individually or invoices can be generated for all advances/payments due by a due date.

Invoices can be printed or the details exported to your own template.

5.6 Royalty Ledger

This screen shows all advances/payments that have been received and any royalties that have been received. The System maintains an unearned balance and displays the total copies sold to date and the last royalty accounting dates. A royalty ledger showing details of income for the contract can be printed.

6.1 Permissions Details 1

6. Permissions Data Entry Screens

6.2 Permissions Details 2


6.3 Permissions Titles


7.0 Tax Exemptions Data Entry

7. Tax Exemptions Data Entry Screen


8. Reports

8.1 Title Activity Report

This is for interest, submissions and options to report on where titles have been submitted, what is overdue etc.

8.2 Contracts Report

This report shows what rights are available for a title, who has bought what, the value of contracts made in a certain period, optional financial details. etc

8.3 Contract Chasing

This report chases on overdue payments and advances and on overdue dates eg publication due, reversion due etc

8.4 Projected Income

This report shows the advances/payments due in a given time period.

8.5 Invoices

This option will provide a report of all advances/payments that should be invoiced by a due date. It will generate invoice numbers and dates for those payments and invoices can be printed or exported to your template.

8.6 Royalties

This reports details all income, advances, payments and royalties received within a given time period. This report can be exported for use in Author Royalties Systems.

8.7 Overdue Royalties

This reports on all contracts which are royalties exclusive, which have an actual publication date and whose royalty statements are late.

8.8 Bookfair Report

This reports all contracts, submissions, interest and options for a publisher or sub-agent.

8.9 Titles Report

Lists titles held on the System.

8.10 Purchasers Report

Lists details of purchasers and contacts held on the System.

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